your eyes vacant and stained



trash compared to frank iero


@Ashton5SOS: Bring a milkshake to work day @Michael5SOS


i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big fieldĀ 



so 12 days til i have to move out and i’m only finally having a minor freakout over all the paperwork i have to sort out and i don’t understand any of it and i can’t even pack my fucking suitcase for next week properly i feeling fucking useless rn i’m so scared what if i don’t find a flat next week what do i do i have nothing i’m just going to end up seeing 5sos and coming back with nowhere to live idk why i thought i could do this on my own

do you ever lie for absolutely no reason like it just comes out and then 2 seconds after you’re like why did i even lie i didn’t need to lie at all?

my mum asked me this morning if i was doing anything else when i go to london next week like gigs, and i flat out lied and said no??? why did i say that??? like why would it matter i’m still gonna focus on finding a flat AND go to itunes as well.

if u don’t believe i’m a disgusting person rlly i just emptied out my backpack from sheffield and there was like a handful of winegums in the bottom of it from where a half open packet fell out and they were a bit fluffy but i ate them all anyway waste not want not