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i’m posting this from my laptop, sat on the floor in my room with half my stuff unpacked eating cake and jelly.

SO what have i been up to. ben came round yesterday and we had pizza before going out to camden where first off we went to belushis because i could still get my discounts and by the time i’d had pre drinks, a double vodka, a sourz shot and another cider i’d taken in my bag, i was already so gone that when we were in the queue for underworld i didn’t realize how bad it was til meg and marianne turned up slightly more sober than the two of us were. but anyway, my joy didn’t last long as i went to the bar (bearing in mind it was £2.50 drinks night) and got a vodka and red bull each for me and ben that turned out to cost me £14. FOURTEEN. POUND. i almost threw myself on the floor i was so appalled. safe to say i savored every last drop of that drink. so yeah basically my entire night consisted of dancing far too fucking much (kidding, not possible) and drinking far too much. i fucking loved every minute of it though and i saw emma (cutie blonde emma) which was a total surprise and luke and matlock were there too. so yeah all the best people for a great night and we still got on the right bus and got home easily. not bad for the first night in my new house.
proper felt it this morning though when both me and ben woke up unable to actually hear properly it was awful and we had to be up and about by midday because my mum came over today. i haven’t even finished organizing my stuff now because of the sheer amount of shit i have and we went shopping three separate times today. once to tesco, once to the high street and once to wood green. i feel so much more integrated in the household now all my stuff is here. that fucking amazing feeling of knowing i’m in the best situation possible right now is back again and i am so fucking stoked on life. i just have so much to look forward to being here when at home i had nothing and no one. this is where it’s all happening for me.

whaaaaat a night jesus christ i loved every minute. took @mostlyvoid’s clubbing virginity too.  (at The Underworld Camden)
after a treacherous tube journey with my two suitcases, i have made it to my new house. i haven’t seen any of my housemates yet, i assume they’re either in bed still (its 1pm) or out/at work. 
so here’s a very wobbly panorama of my room!!!!! its so bleak its so sad but im going to get some bed sheets now so that’ll spruce it up a bit and make it seem more homely. then when i get back from shopping i’m going to light a candle and relax until ben gets here ☺️

wow where do i even fucking begin with the last two days. theres been such a huge turnaround since i got upset on wednesday.
yesterday i started the lab part of my job, which basically means booking in samples we receive from the mortuaries. check they’re all okay, not leaking, give them all labels blah blah not important to know but it is a bit different than the office so it was nice to get out of there for a bit and don a lab coat and gloves.
straight after work i practically sped walked all the way back (its like 25 minutes) to shepherds bush and checked back into the hostel only to dump my backpack and run back out to go to a viewing at seven sisters, which i ended up even getting to early so the rush was not necessary haha. the place was GREAT the room was big and had a sink and the other flatmates seemed lovely and they were young too like me. i basically said id move in by the weekend. and fuck was i relieved when the girl called the landlord and basically said i’d be first dibs if i paid the deposit today.
so after work today and after texting the landlord to confirm everything, i went over at 6pm, signed the contract and got my keys from him. i haven’t stopped smiling all day i’m so happy it’s such a huge weight off my shoulders and it means i have a reason to party tomorrow night in camden!!!

good news!!! 🏠 (at Seven Sisters, London)

so today at work was actually rather nice, after having a good dinner (fajita & movie night!!!) and a good sleep (no bunk partner), i felt a lot better. so wednesday is my day for calling mortuaries and organizing samples to be collected (blah blah) so i ring round all the mortuaries and holy crap some of the people who work there are so cheery its amazing considering what they do haha. theres the boring ones too but ha its nice to hear a cheery voice at the end of the phone. especially lenny(?) from greenwich who brought up the fact i’m the new guy and had a chat which was nice. when id booked the courier and finished sending off couple of case file reports and doing deliveries, i had to finish organizing the fucking invoices from yesterday which are a nightmare and i want to throw them all in the bin so it was therapeutic to be able to empty half the filing cabinet and chuck the old invoices in a pile for the bin. which i still need to finish tomorrow. but tomorrow is receiving all the samples and booking them in before the weekend - thats the lab~ bit of my job. everyone has their own odd misconception of what i do in the lab but i can assure you its not that gorey or glamorous.
at the end of the day, when limon left, she asked me if i actually knew what her name was and i’m pretty proud i do tbf it only took me like 2 days to learn everyones names. there are only ten people in the department (with one more coming), but that is beside the point.
i came back to sophies tonight because i cant check back into the hostel til tomorrow. and ive almost broke. i had a tiny cry. im all alone in this house and i cant even get the oven on to make my pizza so ive eaten doritos and drank my hooch and i dont want to move other peoples stuff so i can wash my clothes and it just fuckin sucks because sophie cant text me back rn. i need my own space to feel comfortable in and im just not fucking getting anywhere i cant stand it. im going to get smashed with ben this weekend anyway to forget about it all again.