your eyes vacant and stained

if u don’t believe i’m a disgusting person rlly i just emptied out my backpack from sheffield and there was like a handful of winegums in the bottom of it from where a half open packet fell out and they were a bit fluffy but i ate them all anyway waste not want not

iammostlyvoid nop it just goes like snot :((( i cant rock faded hair ever

i’m only going to london for 4 nights and i’m staying in 3 different places i stg next week is going to be mental

i tend to post about the good and bad things that happen in my life but i don’t like posting about bad things that involve other people as well because that’s not fair on them but i might return to this situation later tonight and explain what happened when it’s settled down as i still am not 100% okay

gone from 10/10 to 1/10 faster than ever.
stuck in the middle of a horrible horrible situation that is fuckin lose/lose anyway and i can’t do anything about it.

i don’t even know how i’m coping right now i am just shaking anD i’ve been shouting down the phone at my friends and it’s just so overWHELMING 


i am speechless i can’t even process what’s going on i’m going to see 5sos at the fucking roundhouse AND IT’S HAPPENING NEXT WEEK i never thought this would happen and my best friend is gonna be right there with me again and i am shaking so much AHHHH 5SOS

emmajjjayne i should just get more green dye shouldnt i rlly so i dont look like snot

should i keep my hair green for itunes festival or bleach it back to blonde considering i dont have any green left to redye and its fading p fast and id have to deal with ppl thinking i copied michael but blonde isnt as COOL and noticeable ygm i dont have any other colours i can easily get rid of before work except yellow wow

i’m just reveling in being an adult while watching everyone under 18 freak out over derp con i literally don’t need to think about it i can do what i want because i don’t need permission i don’t need to miss anything important i control my own time and responsibilities and plans and any time off work. not being in education is going to be amazing really i cannot wait. i sometimes forget i’m perceived as an adult really because i live at home and do shit all but all of that’s gonna change and i’m going to be in charge wow


i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear


[someone 7000 miles away]:  ”5 Seconds Of Summer”